About Karen Dawn

Born in the US, Karen Dawn grew up and studied in Australia. She worked as a news researcher and writer for various Australian publications and on ABC's nightly news magazine, "The 7:30 Report."

Living in New York in the 1990s, Karen worked every Sunday for six years at the Saint Francis of Xavier soup kitchen. But after reading Animal Liberation in 1998, she was moved to devote herself to helping those most abused by society and least able to help themselves -- the animals.

Karen founded the animal advocacy media watch DawnWatch.com. Check it out to see her daily work and published op-eds. As a spokesperson for the animal rights movement she has appeared on all of the major news networks and on MTV, and has hosted talk shows on major radio stations. Her 2004 season of Watchdog, on KPFK, included guests such as Nobel Prize winner JM Coetzee, Wholefoods founder John Mackay, Musician Moby, Professor Peter Singer, and Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem.

Karen served on the Genesis Awards voting committee from 2001-2004 and became involved again as the print consultant in 2006. Her own opinion pieces have been published in leading newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and the UK Guardian. She is a contributor to 'Terrorists or Freedom Fighters: Reflections on the Liberation of Animals" a 2004 anthology edited by Steve Best and Anthony Nocella, and to "In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave," edited by Peter Singer.

Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals (click on that link to see the fun celeb-studded promo video, endorsements and reviews) published by Harper Collins and chosen by the Washington Post as one of the "Best Books of 2008," is her first book.

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