1. DawnWatch: "Fur Is Back in Fashion and Debate" in NY Times, Sunday 7/5/15
    Sent July 5th, 2015

    The Sunday, July 5, New York Times includes a troubling article, titled "The Fur Issue: A Long Way From Settled" in the print edition (page ST6) and "Fur Is Back in Fashion and Debate" on line. The reporter, Alex Williams, shares with us that during the P...

  2. DawnWatch: NY Times editorial on status change for chimps! 6/28/15
    Sent June 28th, 2015

    Yesterday I was asked if I had seen much difference in animal coverage over the fifteen or so years that I have been sending out DawnWatch media alerts. Today's New York Times epitomizes the shift! In addition to the strong article I sent out last night ab...

  3. DawnWatch: Sunday NY Times on the Bronx Zoo's "Loneliest Elephant" 6/28/15
    Sent June 27th, 2015

    The June 28 Sunday New York Times has a troubling story about the plight of an elephant at the Bronx Zoo, who is, ironically, named Happy. It is an enlightening article, given that so many people believe that animals fare badly only at sub-standard roadsid...

  4. DawnWatch: Organ chip designed to replace animal tests - covered by Fortune, Wired etc 6/24/15
    Sent June 24th, 2015

    A new device, which mimics human organs for drug tests, has won a prestigious design award and is getting some great media. Wired magazine has the story headed "A Chip That Mimics Human Organs Is the Design of the Year." It includes an informative four m...

  5. DawnWatch: Ricky Gervais on dog AND COW meat, and other Yulin festival coverage 6/21/15
    Sent June 21st, 2015

    The Yulin Dog Meat Festival begins on June 22 in China - that's in just a few hours. Social media is filled with protests, and the large UK papers all include articles on the horror. It has had surprisingly little coverage in the US media. An exception is ...

  6. DawnWatch: Great coverage of Humane Certified Scam expose by Mercy for Animals 6/18/15
    Sent June 18th, 2015

    At a press conference, yesterday, June 17, Mercy for Animals released undercover video taken at Foster Farms, an American Humane Certified chicken plant. Bob Barker was in attendance; he narrates the Mercy for Animals video about the "American Humane Scam....

  7. DawnWatch: Great coverage of "disgusting" conditions at Cosco egg supplier 6/10/15
    Sent June 10th, 2015

    The opening line of the HSUS video tells us, "Eight years ago, Costco announced that it would go a hundred percent cage-free with its egg supply." (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeabWClSZfI ) In light of that announcement, the undercover footage we s...

  8. DawnWatch: CNNMoney covers ag-gag 6/4/15
    Sent June 4th, 2015

    CNNMoney has a good video story about Ag-gag laws, which they have titled, "Gross factory farm footage could be made illegal." It's currently on the site's home page, under "Top Videos." Cristina Alesci speaks with an undercover investigator who tells he...

  9. DawnWatch: 450 gallons of water in one burger -- Kristof, NY Times 5/31/15
    Sent May 31st, 2015

    We've heard compelling stats in the movie "Conspiracy" and on "Democracy Now." Today, thanks to Nicholas Kristof, they are in the Sunday New York Times, which reaches millions. Kristof's Sunday May 31, column (page SR11 print edition) is titled, "Our Water...

  10. DawnWatch: Chimps have their day in court - NY Times and Wired, 5/28/15
    Sent May 28th, 2015

    Hercules and Leo, the Stony Brook chimps, had their day in court yesterday, with the Non Human Rights Project arguing for their release into a sanctuary. The judge’s decision is expected later this summer. The New York Times covered the story in an...

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