1. Arizona: Bi-partisan chance to help animals, Tuesday 11/7/06 -- Yes on Prop 204
    Sent November 2nd, 2006

    Arizona: It is vital that everybody who cares about animal cruelty get themselves to the voting booth on Tuesday to vote for Proposition 204 to ban cruel veal and sow gestation crates. Below I will print the Humane Society of the United States alert on the...

  2. DawnWatch Arizona: Daily Star endorses Prop 204 -- please send supportive notes 10/22/06
    Sent October 22nd, 2006

    Arizona, Please send short appreciative and supportive letters to the Arizona Daily Star for the paper's endorsement of Proposition 204. The column appeared in the Saturday, October 22 edition of the paper. I will paste it below. The Arizona Dail Star take...

  3. DawnWatch Arizona: Please write in support of Prop 204 -- 10/10/06
    Sent October 10th, 2006

    Arizona: Please visit http://www.yesonproposition204.com/index.shtml to learn about Prop 204, make sure to check out the photos at http://www.yesonproposition204.com/gallery.shtml and please respond to the Tuscon Citizen opinion piece below. The page ht...

  4. DawnWatch AZ: "Testing drugs on animals no longer suitable option" in AZ Republic 4/23/06
    Sent April 23rd, 2006

    There is a terrific op-ed in the Sunday, April 23, Arizona Republic, arguing against the planned Covance lab and questioning animal testing. It would great to keep the discussion alive with letters to the editor. The paper takes letters at: http://www.azc...

  5. DawnWatch AZ: Sonoran Living on ABC to feature vegan chef Thursday, April 20
    Sent April 19th, 2006

    Chef Jason Wyrick tells me, "I'm going to be featured on the Phoenix ABC affiliate's local morning show tomorrow (Thursday April 20). I'm a vegan chef and they invited me on to do a short segment on vegan/diabetic cooking. Their website is http://www.so...


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