1. DawnWatch: "Where to Rent an Elephant" in NY Times. 4/12/15
    Sent April 13th, 2015

    With disappointment, I share that the New York Times, a paper in which the editorial page has been superb of late regarding animals used in entertainment, including elephants, ran a story on Sunday, April 12, in the "Vows" section, about the use of elephan...

  2. DawnWatch: Gene Baur on Daily Show and Cowspiracy producers on Democracy Now 4/6 - 4/715
    Sent April 7th, 2015

    There's such fantastic stuff happening for the animals in the media. Farm Sanctuary's Gene Baur was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, Monday April 6. And the Cowspiracy producers were on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman this morning, Tuesday Apr...

  3. DawnWatch: Orca trainer condemns SeaWorld on NPR's Fresh Air 3/23/15
    Sent March 23rd, 2015

    Today, Monday March 23, National Public Radio’s program “Fresh Air” features an interview with John Hargrove, who is one of the SeaWorld trainers featured in Blackfish and who has a new book out, "Beneath the Surface." They title the segmen...

  4. DawnWatch: Nicholas Kristof shares shocking chicken slaughter info in NY Times 3/15/15
    Sent March 16th, 2015

    Nicholas Kristof does an extraordinary job of getting the word out about the suffering of animals in the food industry. His column from Sunday, March 15, titled "To Kill a Chicken" opens with: "If you torture a single chicken and are caught, you’re l...

  5. DawnWatch: Rosie Perez takes on The View's panel to question zoos 3/10/15
    Sent March 10th, 2015

    This morning, Tuesday March 10, there was a passionate discussion about zoos on The View. While all the other women on the panel talked about how much their kids loved seeing the animals (and guest host Mario Cantone spoke of his own delight) Rosie Perez s...

  6. DawnWatch: Ringling will retire its elephants in 3 years! 3/5/15
    Sent March 5th, 2015

    Today Ringling Bros announced that in three years it will retire its elephants from the Big Top. The Associated Press version of the story is on many web sites, and can be found in full at http://tinyurl.com/p9bv4nf (You can comment below it.) Ringling ...

  7. Foie gras felony in NY Times and WTHR investiages sow gestation crates 2/23/15
    Sent February 23rd, 2015

    Today, Monday February 23, the New York Times covers the prosecution of an activist alleged to have taken two ducks while exposing foie gras cruelty, and Indiana's WTHR investigates the cruelty of modern farming, with a focus on sow gestation crates. The...

  8. DawnWatch: My HuffPost blog questioning McConaughey outrage, plus Origin Mag 2/10/15
    Sent February 10th, 2015

    I neglected DawnWatch last week (running around between doctors, hoping to avoid surgery, and succeeding and healing!) but will be back at it later this week. I did, however, find time to put together a blog for Huffington Post on Matthew McConaughey’...

  9. DawnWatch: Follow up to NY Times expose -- editorial and letters 1/26/15
    Sent January 26th, 2015

    The New York Times has followed up, today, with an editorial on last Tuesday's front page expose (http://tinyurl.com/pvbnmd9 ) of the US Meat Animal Research Center. But before I get to that I am going to play a little catch-up: On Friday, February 23, t...

  10. DawnWatch: NY Times investigation, front page story, on food research cruelty 1/20/15
    Sent January 20th, 2015

    People who read my DawnWatch 2014 round-up know that I was off-line through most of December due to a back injury early in the month that had me in and out of the ER, and on heavy pain meds when at home. I expressed jubilance that I was well enough to work...

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