1. DawnWatch: Follow up to NY Times expose -- editorial and letters 1/26/15
    Sent January 26th, 2015

    The New York Times has followed up, today, with an editorial on last Tuesday's front page expose (http://tinyurl.com/pvbnmd9 ) of the US Meat Animal Research Center. But before I get to that I am going to play a little catch-up: On Friday, February 23, t...

  2. DawnWatch: NY Times investigation, front page story, on food research cruelty 1/20/15
    Sent January 20th, 2015

    People who read my DawnWatch 2014 round-up know that I was off-line through most of December due to a back injury early in the month that had me in and out of the ER, and on heavy pain meds when at home. I expressed jubilance that I was well enough to work...

  3. DawnWatch: 2014 Round-Up, + fab January Outside Mag article on fake meat!
    Sent December 31st, 2014

    Before I welcome in a very happy New Year by sharing a delicious story on the future of meat, in the January edition of Outside Magazine, I will continue my tradition of providing a quick run through of the year we are leaving behind us. 2014 was a year i...

  4. DawnWatch: Kristof in NY Times on "Abusing Chickens We Eat" 12/4/14
    Sent December 4th, 2014

    New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who has so often highlighted the plight of animals abused in the US food system, does so again today, Thursday, December 04, with a column titled, "Abusing Chickens We Eat." (Page A31.) Kristof discusses a mislea...

  5. DawnWatch: 60 Minutes connects lion petting zoo to canned hunts 11/30/14
    Sent December 3rd, 2014

    On Sunday, November 30, 60 Minutes included a segment on Kevin Richardson, who has a sanctuary in South Africa for lions who were used as cubs in the petting industry, who would have ended up in canned hunts if he had not rescued them. While the segment is...

  6. DawnWatch: John Stewart pans Christie's veto of sow crate bill 12/1/14
    Sent December 2nd, 2014

    As had been widely predicted, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed a ban on sow gestation crates that had passed his legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support, and, according to polls, with the support of over ninety percent of his constituents...

  7. DawnWatch: Non Sequitur comic devotes full week to plant-based diets! 11/17/14-11/22/14
    Sent November 24th, 2014

    Last week, the widely syndicated Non Sequitur comic strip, by Wylie Miller, was devoted to satirizing the standard American diet and pushing plant-based eating. On day one, Sunday, http://www.gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2014/11/17, Bob is having heart trouble...

  8. DawnWatch: Washington Post on Turkey Pardons 11/23/14
    Sent November 23rd, 2014

    (Note: My Huffington Post and Dodo articles are now up - please see end of this alert.) The Sunday, November 23, Washington Post has a story on the cover of the Food Section about the presidential turkey pardon. A photo of a stunning Tom turkey takes up h...

  9. Turkey Rescue 2014!
    Sent November 21st, 2014

    Hello DawnWatch folks! It’s turkey rescue season again! This year the girls are named Pamela and Alexandra, after two Baywatch babes who grew into fantastic vegan activists. I have a Huffington Post piece coming out in the next day or two (at http://...

  10. DawnWatch: Farm Sanctuary's Susie Coston in O Magazine -- in time for Saturday's celebration in Acton! 11/15/14
    Sent November 12th, 2014

    Just in time for this Saturday's beautiful "Celebration for the Turkeys" event at Farm Sanctuary's Acton shelter (near Los Angeles -- details at the end of this alert), O Magazine's December issue is out and it includes a beautiful feature piece on Farm Sa...

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