Date: June 20th, 2016

As your state officials this week consider another bear slaughter this year, the Tampa Bay Times has editorialized against the idea. And there is a strong blog against the hunt on the "SaintPetersBlog" site.

The Tampa Bay Times editorial, "No More Bear Hunts in Florida," appeared on line on Friday, June 17, but is in the print edition of today's paper, Monday June 20, on page six.

It opens:
"If the idea of Florida wildlife officials planning a bear hunt despite overwhelming public opposition and questionable science sounds familiar, it should. October's bear slaughter went forward in the face of strong public protests. Despite that debacle, state officials this week will consider approving another unnecessary, unwanted bear hunt this fall."

You'll find the full editorial on line at

The paper deserves appreciative letters, which will encourage its anti hunt stance, and legislators look to the letters page as barometers of public opinion, so please write. To send your letter, go to

People not in the Tampa area, please consider writing to your own paper as well on the same topic. If your letter is short and strong you have a very good chance of being published in your local paper. You might want to quickly search your local paper's web site to see if the bear hunt under consideration has been covered recently. If it has, refer to that article in your letter. If it has not, you can open the topic by simply noting that state officials are this week considering whether to allow another hunt.

If you have any trouble figuring out the email address or web page to submit your letter, I can help. If the bear hunt is announced, you will feel better for having at least done something to work against it. If it is cancelled, you'll feel particularly great if you were part of the effort to save the bears! They need your voice.

Guest author Kate MacFall's blog for "SaintPetersBlog" is titled "Florida black bear hunt — bad idea last year; bad idea this year." It desperately needs some positive comments, and it might give you ideas for your letters. Positive comments matter. Please check it out and comment on it at

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Date: Mon Jun 20 19:08:23 2016

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An animal advocacy media watch that looks at animal issues in the media and facilitates one-click responses to the relevant media outlets.

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