Date: August 25th, 2008

The Sunday, August 24 New York Times, has a long, wonderful, deliciously written article, by Caroline Dworin, headed, "Heaven's Angels." (City section Page 1)

It's about a band of tattooed bikers who share "a peculiar tenderness for animals, and the intensity needed to act on the animals' behalf when people abuse them."

We read:

'''I'm a vegetarian,' said Mike Tattoo (real name Mike Ostrosky), a former bodybuilding champion with a shaved head, great arms covered in art and a probing clarity in his blue eyes. 'And Big Ant has in his backyard three guinea pigs, a couple of rabbits, birds, cats -- and fish everywhere. But just because a person has tattoos, they wouldn't come running with us."

We read:

"Having run in crowds where animal abuse was rampant, often involving pit bull fights, the men volunteered at shelters and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Toward Animals, and they tried to solve cases of missing or abused animals that other organizations had neither the time nor the resources to address.

"Next month, the bikers will begin a program in the city's public schools to educate children about being kind to all animals, even the less attractive breeds. They will be accompanied by Elwood, a small, hairless Chihuahua mix judged in an annual California contest to be the World's Ugliest Dog."

We learn of the bikers building doghouses for dogs left outside on cold days, or investigating cases of dogs left caged all day, and of them taking breeding pit-bulls and their litters to be spayed.

It is a long and wonderful article, which I highly recommend you check out on line at

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Yours and the animals',
Karen Dawn

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Date: Mon Aug 25 08:13:59 2008

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